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TEXIT Is A Right



The Texas Constitution is a powerful document that serves as the backbone for the governance and rights of all Texans. One of the most potent and transformative elements within this Constitution is the promise that permits Texans the right to alter, reform, or abolish their government as they see fit.

The essence of this constitutionally ingrained right is what kindles the spirit behind TEXIT, the movement aiming for Texas’s political independence from the United States.

This revolutionary potential of TEXIT doesn’t advocate for a mere reactionary purpose or the discontent of a moment, but rather it belongs firmly within the principles of self-determination and democratic control. As declared in the Texas Constitution, this isn’t merely an advocacy movement, but a genuine constitutional right held by every Texan. It isn’t something the populace is demanding from an external force; it is a provision already embedded within the constitutional framework itself.

TEEXIT reflects the aspirations of Texans desiring the reinstatement of their rights, a return to their roots, and comprehensive control over their governing system. This powerful idea embeds the right to strive for better, to take charge of the direction of one’s community and to shape it in line with the culture, values, and vision of its people.

Through TEXIT, the people of Texas have the opportunity to reaffirm those constitutional freedoms and ensure that their voice remains central in the governing process of their state. It is the embodiment of the Texas spirit – strong, independent, innovative, and above all, free.

Embracing TEXIT is thus recognizing the power of Texans, the power of self-determination, and giving voice to the Texas spirit. It allows the people of Texas to take into the reins and shape their future in ways that align with their collective desire, respects their unique culture, and fully caters to their needs.

Hence, much more than a movement that cries for change, TEXIT is a constitutional right that empowers Texans to become the architects of their future, offering them the possibility to envision, create, and inaugurate a government that truly represents them.

As Texans, it is essential to unite under this constitutional right, to take the promise of the Constitution to heart, and to create a path that reflects the spirit and will of Texas herself.