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Texans: Do you want to be independent or dependent?



As dedicated Texans, we all treasure our independence – the ethos that defines us. Who we truly are encapsulates our dedication for autonomy. So, it only seems fitting to ask: do you want to be independent or dependent?

This simple yet poignant question is a crossroads we are facing today. It demands us to make a choice between clinging onto the coattails of external influences, or breaking free to be our own masters in charge of our future and destiny. Every name added to our cause is a step in the direction of preserving the spirit of Texas.

Navigating to [texitpetition.com](http://texitpetition.com/), there lies an opportunity for you to carve the path of the Texas Nationalist Movement. This is your podium to advocate for the essence of Texas – a promise of freedom, opportunity and genuine independence.

The choice is yours of course; to pave the way for a dependent or independent Texas. Should you decide for the latter, your endorsement will symbolize not only your personal wish but also the aspiration of many fellow Texans who believe in creating their own future.

To take the reins into your hands, all you must do is step up, without any expectation or obligation, and add your name. This conscious choice is a testament of your belief in the indomitable spirit of Texas and its future.

Choosing to be independent means choosing the path to create our own destiny without any undue external influences; it’s about being self-reliant, resourceful, and driven by the core Texan values we hold dear.

At the end of the day, independence or dependence – what you choose is a reflection of where you envision the future of Texas. It’s an opportunity to make a difference in your own unique way for the good of our great state.

Express your choice. Visit texitpetition.com and add your name. Stand up and take the future of Texas into your own hands. Carry forth the flame of freedom and let it illuminate the path towards a proud and independent Texas.