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HUGE Petition Announcement



The Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) proudly announces a monumental achievement in our ongoing fight for the independence of Texas. The breaking news we share today marks an historic milestone in our mission: we have obtained more than the requisite number of petition signatures to get TEXIT on the ballot this March!

This achievement is not merely about meeting a target; it is a statement of the growing desire among Texans for self-rule and sovereignty. It stands as a testament to the sheer force of the passionate and unyielding spirit that drives the people of our state.

TEXIT, an issue that stands at the core of the TNM’s objectives, refers to a proposed referendum for the withdrawal of Texas from the United States, allowing our great state to truly stand as an independent nation. The successful acquisition of the necessary petition signatures represents a significant leap towards seeing this proposal become a reality.

The TNM, established over a decade ago, has been laboring tirelessly to bring the issue of TEXIT to mainstream political discourse. Our goal is to enable the Texans to voice their preferences clearly and democratically, and secure an independent future for Texas.

This milestone could not have been achieved without the unwavering support, fierce determination, and tireless efforts of the thousands of TNM members and supporters who took to the streets, rallied their communities, and added their signatures to the cause. It is their victory, as much as it is ours.

The TEXIT question on this March ballot is not merely a point for political contention, it’s an opportunity for Texans to make crucial decisions about their future. We encourage everyone to participate in this vote, adding their voice to this historical moment.

The Texas Nationalist Movement extends our gratitude to everyone who has taken part in reaching this significant point in the journey toward self-determination for Texas. We urge our supporters and all Texans to partake in the upcoming vote in March, as every voice is pivotal in shaping the independent future of Texas.

Let the sound of our collective voices echo through the halls of power, let it resonate throughout Texas, and indeed, let it be heard across the nation. Together, we stand on the precipice of transforming our beloved Texas. March onwards, with conviction and courage, towards a Texas of our own making. Together, let’s make history.