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CBDC In The United States



In an intricate disclosure that is nothing short of astounding, we unravel just how close to home the practices we generally attribute to Communist China are taking shape. The federal government is not just observing, but actively initiating and testing these practices right here on our very soil.

The video embedded above delves into the startling venture by the feds, unveiling their ongoing projects that mirror the controversial and heavily criticized programs typically associated with communist regimes. The irony is staggering and unsettling, but it is a wake-up call for us all; an undeniable proof that threats to freedom and sovereignty are not only external but lurk ominously within our domestic boundaries.

The objective of such a comparison with Communist China is not to induce fear or propagate a sense of hostility, but to highlight the staggering similarity and provide a reality check. To underline that the rights and freedom we cherish are not as invulnerable as we think, and that it is our collective responsibility to safeguard them.

We are not talking about hypothetical dangers, but projects that federal agencies are actively involved in. We strongly believe that it is time to question, discuss, and challenge these undertakings. It is our duty as vigilant citizens to question these initiatives that pose a potential threat to our freedom, sovereignty, and way of life. It is our duty to act, react, and make the necessary manoeuvres to keep democracy alive.

This revelation is a reminder of the need to stay informed, engaged, and proactive in preserving our liberties and principles as Texans and as Americans. We invite you to watch the video, realize the gravity of the situation, and join the Texas Nationalist Movement in our mission to maintain Texas sovereignty and freedom. It is a battle that calls for knowledge, understanding, and unity. Let’s stand tall, let’s stand together – for Texas, for liberty!

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