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Adversarial Media Lies



The recently concluded TEXITCon marked a significant milestone on the pages of North American history, not just for its compelling content and insightful sessions but also for the record-breaking number of attendees gracing the event. Despite many adversarial media outlets downplaying the size of the gathering, we counted our success in the hundreds of passionate supporters who chose to be a part of this historic occasion.

TEXITCon was not just a conference. It was a powerful visual testament to the unwavering commitment and desire among many for the independence of Texas. Our goal was to host a conference that would be a platform for dialogue, learning, and networking, ultimately furthering the cause we so strongly believe in. The truth, which many tried to deny, is that we were immensely successful in our endeavor.

Hundreds of our supporters swarmed to this event, marking it as the largest independence conference ever held in North America. The air was buzzing with engaging discussions, profound ideas, and a shared vision for a future where Texas stands independent and sovereign. The sheer number of attendees went on to demonstrate the considerable momentum behind our cause.

It is a cause that has drawn men and women from all walks of life. They come, united by a common bond – the love for Texas and an overwhelming desire to see it standing tall as an independent entity. And it was this force that transformed TEXITCon from just a conference into an experience that is thoroughly etched into the annals of Texas’s nationalist movement.

Undeniably, TEXITCon was a clear rebuttal to all naysayers, those writing off our cause as marginal. The immense strength shown at the conference is a mirror reflecting the support we have gathered and continue to build. This conference, the largest of its kind, is a ringing validation of the scale and depth of our movement.

While others turned a blind eye to our successes, we chose to forge ahead, knowing well that our strength lies in unity, our belief, and our unwavering commitment to our cause. The unprecedented success and colossal scale of TEXITCon stands testament to this fact. Beyond all doubt, it indeed was a historic event, an emblem of our spirit, our strength, and our relentless pursuit of independence. Let this be clear, Texas Nationalist Movement is here to stay, and it’s only getting stronger.