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Texas GOP Sets the Stage for Independence Vote

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The Republican Party of Texas 2024 State Convention, which concluded last week, reaffirmed the growing momentum towards a call for a vote on Texas independence. Two significant planks emerged from the Permanent Platform Committee, reinforcing the Texas Nationalist Movement’s mission of political, cultural, and economic independence for Texas.

Plank on State Sovereignty & TEXIT Vote

A crucial plank centered on state sovereignty pursuant to Article 1, Section 1 of the Texas Constitution was put forward. This plank underscores the belief that the federal government has infringed upon Texans’ right to local self-government. The specific language of Plank 20 includes:

“Pursuant to Article 1, Section 1 of the Texas Constitution, the federal government has impaired our right of local self-government. Therefore, federally mandated legislation that infringes upon the 10th Amendment rights of Texas shall be ignored, opposed, refused, and nullified. Texas retains the right to secede from the United States, and the Texas Legislature should be called upon to pass a referendum consistent thereto and pass the Texas Sovereignty Act as filed in the 88th Legislative regular session as HB 384.”

Plank on Texas Independence

The second significant plank focuses on Texas independence, reflecting TNM’s core goal. Plank 200 states:

“The Texas Legislature should pass a bill in its next session requiring a referendum in the next General Election for the people of Texas to determine whether or not the State of Texas should reassert its status as an independent nation. This referendum should be a legislative priority.”

Convention Dynamics and Delegate Support

During the convention, delegate and State Republican Executive Committee (SREC) member Scott Bowen attempted to remove plank 20, which pertains to Texas independence. However, his attempt was overwhelmingly defeated on the convention floor, signifying strong grassroots support for the measure.

The results of the delegate vote on these planks are expected to be released next week, with historical precedents pointing towards a favorable outcome. In the 2022 convention, similar planks received nearly 90% support from the delegates, suggesting robust backing for these initiatives. The high level of support from 2022 bodes well for the 2024 vote, where planks 20 and 200 are also anticipated to pass.

Call to Action

As we await the official vote results, supporters of Texas independence must remain engaged and proactive. Here are some ways to get involved:

  1. Help Fund The Next Steps: These wins were made possible by 333 individual donors and 60 volunteers who drove TNM’s efforts at the convention. Help build on these wins by donating today.
  2. Join TNM: Become a member of the Texas Nationalist Movement to stay updated on activities and contribute to the movement.
  3. Participate in Events: Attend upcoming meetings to show your support and learn more about the effort towards Texas independence.

For updates on these critical developments and to get involved, visit TNM’s website and check our events calendar.

Together, we can contribute to making Texas an independent state, reflecting the will and rights of Texans.


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